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House Sitting

Leaving our homes unattended these days can be a bit nerve-racking. Even with all of the security cameras, alarm systems, neighborhood apps and other measures that come with the times - there's nothing quite like that peace of mind we get from having a trusted friend physically at our home while we're away.

Drop In

House Sitting

Just need someone to come grab the mail, water some plants and make sure nothing shady is going on? We're super package picker-uppers, plant whisperers and have some serious shade detectors. You can count on our quick drop-in housesitting service to make sure all is right at home while you do your thing away.



House Sitting

We get it. Leaving your home unattended for days can just be another thing to add to the worry list. Even if you don't have pets, you still have stuff that you've worked hard for. Sure, we'll deter crime by keeping a house sitter at your home.


But you know that feeling after you've been away from home, even if you were on your dream vacation, when you're just excited to be home? Then you get there and there's a million fliers on the front porch that you have to clean up or you open the door and immediately remember you forgot to take out the trash before you left...?

We'll do all of the little things that make your homecoming better. We'll remove all of the solicitor fliers from your front door, make sure there's no stinky trash for you to come home to. We'll keep an eye out on the weather and unplug necessary electronics (at your discretion) in case of a storm and pull in/cover up patio furniture. We'll take care of your home so you don't have to worry.

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