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For Pets...

Pet Sitting

Whether you're going away for a week or just a few hours, we've got your pet sitting needs covered. We know your fur babies are family and we'll treat them like our own. There's no need to put them (or you) through the stress of a boarding facility. Whether you just need one of our pet sitters to drop in for a few minutes or to stay the night, we can help!

Drop In

Pet Sitting

Does your kitty have separation anxiety? Does your puppy need to be let out every two hours or he'll protest with a little gift on your rug?


We'll connect you with the perfect sitter for your pet. We've fed pigs, cleaned chicken coops, walked dogs, talked to birds and more.



Pet Sitting

We wish we could take our pets with us on vacation...and to school...and to work...ok...we love animals, a lot. We get it.

Our pets are people, too.


It makes sense. That's why you can trust our pet sitters to take such loving and thoughtful care of your babies while you're away from home.


Kind words from a Sitters Select Pet Parent

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